What is BF3: Reality Mod?
It's a Mod based on Battlefield 3 with gameplay more similar to Squad or BF2: Project Reality than to BF3. Read the Vision
When will it be released?
As soon as it's in a good state. Unlike big game dev studios, we are not forced to release the game at a certain point, meaning we will take the time necessary to release it in a stable and enjoyable state. We are still currently fixing a major issue (memory leak) and some smaller ones, but we are 99% there.
Is this by the same Devs as Project Reality?
No, we're currently not associated with any of the original PR Devs.
How does it compare to Project Reality / Squad?
The gameplay will compare more to PR than to Squad. It will even be a bit more Arcade / Vanilla-ish in the beginning, due to the lack of a broad range of vehicles for the first version. See also Vision and Features & Roadmap
How do I install it?
You will need a legit version of Battlefield 3 Premium / all DLCs that contain maps (for Reality Mod). You then need to install the Venice Unleashed (VU) client, which is comparable to FiveM for GTA V. VU verifies your ownership of BF3 through Origin before you can start playing. VU does not and never will work with cracked or pirated copies. Reality Mod will be downloaded automatically when you join a server. Detailed instructions can be found here: Play Reality Mod
How long has it been in development?
The project has been founded about 7 years ago. Read more about the history of the project here: About the team
Is it free?
The Mod is free, but you will need to have a legit copy of Battlefield 3 with all DLCs (or BF3 Premium). Origin and Steam versions will work
What do I need to play the Mod?
See above
Will I get banned for using this?
No. The mod functions separately from BF3 and does not modify any game files. That means that you can just launch BF3 like you normally would through Battlelog and it's like RM was never there. Any changes to your game data are performed at your discretion with the use of third party mod tools
Is it legal?
Yes. RM does not modify or distribute any EA/DICE assets and functions separately from the vanilla BF3 client. All changes are done in memory only and are reverted once you disconnect from the server. RM is fully legal under EU interoperability laws.
How can I support the project?
You can support the development directly by subscribing to our Patreon: or help out here: #how-to-contribute
Are there other mods for BF3?
Yes, check out VU ( Venice Unleashed is a framework for Battlefield 3 that allows the creation of mods and custom content
When / Will there be %feature_name%?
The team will add & tune features gradually. You can find feature list in Features & Roadmap
How big is the mod?
The initial release version will be about 50 MB, downloaded upon joining the first RM server.
Can I host a server?
There will be both official servers and community hosted servers. Communities can apply for a Server License in Discord.
What will the gameplay be like?
It will be comparable to PR or Squad. For more info please check out our Vision or Media
Maximum number of players in one game?
64 players will be the maximum player count at release. 100+ players on a server are possible however. The engine can do 127 players, but there's still the question of stability and map balance. So the final amount is still to be determined
Which game modes will we get?
AAS will be available for first release, Insurgency will get added at a later point in time.
Leaning, freelook mechanics?
Freelook is on the table but we're having issues correcting the 1p camera transform, so until that's figured out we can't implement it. The rest of the logic is already done. Leaning would be nice but there are issues with bone rotations and sync, as well as actually modifying the 1p camera transform and mesh. Right now it's not a priority, but we want to have it eventually
Will BF3's color tint be removed?
Oh yeah
Multi Crew in IFVs and Tanks?
Yes. Some assets will come in later updates. You can expect most of the vanilla vehicles to be in the mod but with reworked mechanics.
HP or Armor Penetration Model for Vehicles?
It will be a HP system like in PR:BF2.
Custom Models?
Yes, once VU implements it.
How can I submit custom content to the project?
DM one of the lead devs
Will there be a Commander like in PR or Squad (with special abilities)?
I expected to see a mod that looks and feels like a modern AAA game, why doesn't RM meet my expectations?
Every RM team member is a volunteer and spends his free time on the project. Each member is skilled in his field of knowledge, but none of us is a gamedev industry veteran nor can work 8h per day on the project. And most important - we dont have full access to the engine. That brings many limitations and challenges: we spent almost 4 years creating tools to modify the engine and only started the work on the gameplay very recently. Some solutions, game mechanics etc will need multiple iterations and time to polish.
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