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    Maps of PR:BF2 to RM:BF3

    Korengal Valley would be amazing, or Kokan or any of the Taliban insurgency maps.
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    Deviation/weapon sway (discussion)

    > However, running increases sway when aiming down sights Is this similar to how deviation works in PR? What I'm asking is, will it take 3+ seconds for the weapon sway to go away and is it strong enough to make precise shots almost impossible? Because if its just slight weapon sway and goes...
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    Deviation/weapon sway (discussion)

    Hello, good evening everyone. I want to talk about one of the features that, in my opinion, made Project Reality as good as it is: Deviation. For those who don't know what that is, deviation is a mechanic in the game that prevented you from shooting accurately while on the move...
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    PR BF2 veterans

    Hi, rogdozz here :D